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Spectrasonics - Keyscape v1.3.4c ( UPDATE ) SAL, VSti, VST3i, AAX x64

Spectrasonics - Keyscape v1.3.4c ( UPDATE ) SAL, VSti, VST3i, AAX x64
Year / Release Date: 01/27/23
Developer: Spectrasonics
Developer website: Spectrasonics
Format: SAL, VSti, VST3i, AAX ( Update Only )
Discharge: 64bit
Tablet: cured [ MORiA ]
System requirements: WIN 7 +

KEYSCAPE ® is an unusual virtual tool with the world's largest selection of collectible key tools. From the piano of the "holy Grail" to amazing key tools, the existence of which you did not even suspect, is the embodiment of the dream of the keyboard player. Each of these sought-after key tools was carefully restored and then subjected to deep multisampling by the famous Spectrasonics sound development team. These convincing and very expressive sounds will inspire you to play!

Keyscape software version 1.3.4c
- Adds the MIDI channel "Any" routing option to the MIDI Channel menu on the SYSTEM page.
- The problem is fixed in which the plugin output could be turned off after downloading several DAW projects in a row. This fix has been added specifically for Cantabile ( host for Windows ) only, but the error is probably reproducible in other hosts.
- The problem is removed in which the patch pollution indicator ( the asterisk ) could incorrectly disappear after using the UNDO command.
- For Mac only: The problem on macOS is fixed, because of which the folders / files in STEAM could not contain a backslash character.
- Autonomous application: The problem is fixed, because of which the Flow Capture function did not record changes in the metronome pace in the MIDI file.