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Loomer - Sequent v2.0.2 SAL, VST, VST3 x86 x64

Loomer - Sequent v2.0.2 SAL, VST, VST3 x86 x64
Year / Release Date: 01/21/23
Developer: Loomer
Developer website: Loomer
Format: SAL, VST, VST3
Discharge: 32 / 64bit
Tablet: Present [ R2R ]
System requirements: WIN 7 +
Size:  7.2 MB

Sequent is a modular block of multi-effects, an ideal tool for working with sound on stage or in a studio.
* Eleven blocks of effects can be directed in thousands of ways.
* Precisely simulated filters capable of self-cillation.
* Individual step-by-step sequence for each parameter.
* Randomization of each parameter separately.

Main characteristics
Sequent has eleven separate effect blocks: clockwork; two filters switched between lowpass, bandpass and highpass modes and capable of self-fluctuations even without an audio input; over-discretization distortion block ( which doubles as a lo-fi bitcrusher ); a gate with a variable depth and growth rate; paner; and a delay unit capable of creating submillisecond delays that are perfect for creating everything: from ekh in the style of dab, slapback and jumping ball to metal comb filters or flanger effects. And new in Sequent 2: frequency converter and unique reverberator with the possibility of freezing and step-by-step sequencing. In addition, combine effects in new ways using splitter and merge modules.
Modular routing:
Effect blocks can be combined in almost unlimited ways, dragging virtual audio cables between them. Combine the effects in parallel, sequentially, or in any other combination that you can only dream of.
Sequential change in parameters:
Want a change? Each effect parameter has its own step-by-step sequencer, ideal for building interesting modulation motifs. Easy to create polyrhythmic sounds, individually setting the number of steps and speed for each effect.
Beat slicing:
Cut and rebuild audio in real time. Use the flexible Sequent looper to create anything from thin variations of magnets to microprogrammed glitches.
Creative block? Let Sequent do all the work. Various randomness regulators for each parameter allow you to create everything from light variations to full-fledged aleator compositions.
Combine the sequencer settings and the effects in the pattern between which you can instantly switch using the screen interface or even using the MIDI controller.
MIDI Learn:
Controls can be easily compared with a hardware controller using the simplified MIDI Learn function.