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Affinity Designer 2.0.4 [ Intel / Apple ] [ TNT ]

Affinity Designer 2.0.4 [ Intel / Apple ] [ TNT ]
Year of release: 2023
Version: 2.0.4
Developer: Serif Labs
Developer website:
Platform: Intel / Apple Silicon Universal
Interface language: English
Tablet: The program is treated ( does not require data entry / enter any data )
System requirements: macOS 10.15 and more
Size: 787.8 MB

Description: Affinity Designer — the fastest, most convenient and accurate software for vector graphic design in the modern market. All the functions, tools, panels and parameters of this application, which has been created from scratch for more than five years, are developed taking into account the needs of specialists in creative professions. As a result of continuous innovation and improvement, a revolutionary application has been created that will change your approach to the work process.

Instant performance:
• panning and scaling with a constant frequency of 60 frames per second;
• dynamic creation of gradients, transformation, overlaying of effects and making adjustments;
• scaling, optimized for documents with any number of details and allowing to increase the image to more than 1,000,000% with absolute accuracy %;
• dynamic pixel mode, Retina mode and frame mode for viewing vector works with the ability to switch between a combined and a regular screen;
• instant switching between tools and editing modes, ensuring a complete absence of negative emotions.

High precision tools for working with vectors:
• high reliability of vector instruments that function exactly as you expect;
• the best versions of the tools are available: « Feather », « Node », editing curves, intelligent tools for changing the form;
• stabilization of the brush and pencil, providing the possibility of creating incredibly smooth curves of arbitrary shape;
• non-destructive drilling operations;
• gradients, effects, overlay modes and real-time adjustments;
• tools for creating incredibly smooth gradients and setting transparency.

Choose between raster and vector mode:
• switch between raster and vector working space at the same click;
• use all the features of vector and raster modes — take the best from both worlds;
• high-quality rastering tools help in texturing, applying masks and applying the final smears to your work. In addition, you can create your own brushes.
• The true freedom of creating arbitrary forms that you will not find in other applications.

Refined typography:
• flexible text processing fully supports the OpenType format;
• art text and text blocks;
• full control of the styles of paragraphs and symbols;
• entering text along any drawn outline.

Designed for your workflow
• an unlimited number of mounting areas;
• a preserved history with alternative states;
• custom keyboard shortcuts;
• file support in PSD, AI, PDF, EPS, SVG, JPG, TIFF and EXR formats;
• advanced features when working with nets, binding and alignment;
• the ability to create connections between characters and impose restrictions.

Perfect color balance and output quality:
• professional color models: CMYK, LAB, RGB and « Shades of gray »;
• full-featured image editing with 16 bits on each channel;
• ICC end-to-end color management profiles;
• export of fragments, allowing the export of several elements in one click;
• dynamic pixel views for an accurate picture of how the design option will look after export.

Designed for Mac:
• takes advantage of every advantage provided by the latest macOS technologies, including Metal, OpenGL, Grand Central Dispatch and Core Graphics;
• fully supports the MacBook Pro Touch Bar touch panel and Force Touch trackpad;
• fully optimized for multi-core processors and processors with 64-bit architecture;
• supports conventional monitors, Retina and systems of several monitors;
• supports external graphics processors ( eGPU ).